I Like The Way You Work It – Know Your Crowd

To market the crowd you need to know your crowd. When I was thinking about this post I came across this clip. It sets up this topic quite nicely. Check it out and see what I mean.

Much like Maximus, you have a goal you want to reach or a product you want to sell. Proximo makes it quite clear what Maximus needs to do.

Win the Crowd and you will win your freedom


Whether you have a band, a business, or an organization, you need to know who it is you are going to be playing to. Whether you refer to them as your audience, clients, or friends it’s important to know who “They” are going to be.

Let’s take a few minutes and talk about that. In addition, we can look at some good and not so good examples of how to reach that crowd.

I have taken some time to look at concepts I love and hate to find strategies that people can use, to get what they want to sell, out there. I am going to refer to all of these things as “products” simply because anything you are pushing, whether it be a concept, item, or company, it is, in essence, a product. Even if you are in politics, you have a product for sale. Whether it be your party affiliation, a particular policy, or you want to be elected, there is something you are selling. Two people that are in the center of things right now will be the examples of what does and doesn’t work in the aspect of reaching your crowd effectively.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez knows how to reach a crowdWho’s Getting it  Right

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has hit the world by storm as one of the most polarizing characters in the political game today. She is brash, and young, with a lot of new ideas to share. Her ideas aren’t particularly new. As a matter of fact, these concepts of Socialism are quite old; however, she has given them a fresh coat of paint and she has her audience fired up about them. She uses social media personally to connect with her base in a very effective manner.Donald Trump uses Twitter well to fire up the crowd

Another person that does this very effectively on the other side of the political fence is President Donald Trump. Our current President seems to find a new way each day to get people stirred up. From a political standpoint, these two individuals have found very effective ways to reach the crowd.

Regardless of whether you view either one of these personalities right or wrong, they both have a very effective method of reaching out to people and getting a response from them.

Lost in the Sauce

McCaskill is clueless when it comes to reaching the ideal crowdSo many people in the political realm reflect just how out of touch they are by using social media incorrectly. For the most part, this is done in one of two ways. First, you use a social media team to make it look as if you are doing something you really aren’t. Claire McCaskill was horribly lost in social media, trying to fill up the media waves with things that she was diligently involved with to try and make her look like something she really wasn’t. It’s hard to reach out to a group of people that never really identified with you in the first place. When your actions don’t speak moderately while you are trying to portray yourself that way isn’t a congruent message. Trump and AOC never really have a problem talking about what they are and sticking to that story.

Another way to do social media wrong is by not looking like you have really ever done social media before; thus, leaving a glaring example of your irreverence to society.

No one has done this more effectively than the newest Presidential hopeful of 2020, Elizabeth Warren. I am not sure there is a better example right now of this in the world today. I am sure I am not the only specialist who has decided to use her as the poster child for what not to do in social media. Heaven forbid someone were to give her a suitcase full of nuclear codes after she has “a- a beer”. Elizabeth should have hired a social media director before pulling a stunt like this.

Do You Know Your Crowd

Basically, social media has a way of  bringing out the best or worst of you in business, or life in general. You need to decide how that is going to work to your benefit. Do you know who it is that is paying attention to you and how to motivate them? This adds to the brand you create for your business or organization. Seeking professional assistance may be your best option to seek the best results. If that is something  you are considering, please feel free to contact us. Whether it be training or taking on the project for you, Service With a Style Consulting specializes in creative ways to make your brand grow.

I know we all want to succeed in what we do, and we are here to help when you need to put your best foot forward and bring more money to the bottom line.



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