Services Tailored With You in Mind

 Professional Tailored Servicer  No two companies or organizations are exactly alike. We know you want to be treated like that as well. We want you to find that sweet spot in the industry that you exist where your individual personality shines through.

We refer to our programs as “tailored” because, as we see it, the programs should fit you exactly the way you need it to.

Are you looking for a Social Media Specialist, but you don’t have the budget to hire someone full time? Service with a Style could fill that void in the interim or potentially you might find that it becomes the perfect fit for you.  If you need a Website designed but don’t have a person for that, let us fill in that area for you.

We do the consultation with you to find out what it is you feel you need. In addition, we may see some things with fresh eyes that you might not have thought to implement. 

Tailored Programs