Service With A Style – The Regenesis

Service With a Style has been created as a resource for those that work within the Service Sector in one capacity or another. If you own the operation, or manage the facility, or even work within the company, this site is designed for you.

We exist to provide essential keys as well as practical knowledge that will help your niche within the Service Industry succeed.

The professionals I will most often be referring to are those within Hospitality, Restaurant, and Retail entities, but most of these ideas can also apply to Public Service and even Ministry organizations.

I have been involved in all of these conceptual types in one form or fashion throughout the years and I have found that there are many things that are common sense but don’t always become common knowledge within an organizational process. This site is designed to bring those ideas to the forefront for you to consider in your practical day to day systems.

You are going to find that often these ideas are not new, but I also believe that the basics done correctly will make training and process go more smoothly. I have no intention of reinventing the wheel, but I also believe that the right solution is often missed because it can be overlooked or considered too difficult at that given time.

This is a work of knowledge that exists because a lot of great minds invested their time in me. It will also continue to build as I receive additional input from you. Feel free to share your ideas and opinions because I want to learn through this process as well. I do consulting, but it doesn’t mean I always have all the best answers. Please feel free to present your thoughts so we can talk about them. This work gets better with your input.

I am reworking this Website and Blog, and I hope to soon give you a large variety of resources from which you can work with. I hope to write at least one post a week if not more. Please stay tuned. If you want a post on a specific topic please feel free to pass those my way.

If you have any questions or you are looking for consulting information please feel free to contact me. I truly look forward to talking to you.

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