When Pandering Replaced Pride

In 1974 a revolution started. There may have been other moves toward this style of advertising but this was probably the one that stuck out most clearly in my young mind. Something happened here that would change the world of fast food and advertising forever. I also want to suggest this may have also sparked something that has become a very unhealthy phenomenon in our society as well. Pride in the art and job evaporated.

To make my point let’s take a look at the previous culture and how things have changed. My own biases may be included, but I would imagine that goes without saying in any writer’s work.

Back before this time, things were more simple. If you walked into a McDonald’s you got a Big Mac the way it was trademarked – Every time. If you wanted your sandwiches without lettuce you could do that; you just had to remove it yourself. Orders came out fresh within 60 seconds, and you always knew it was exactly the way it was supposed to be made.

People, took pride in that fact as well. That was something most companies took pride in regardless of the industry. Things may have been more rigid but you could count on construction and design being solid, ornate, and well made.

Looking Back

This rigidity was balanced by the movement to make things the way you wanted them. As technology changed, it became easier to make things faster. At the same time the movement to make things more cheaply collided with that process.

As time has gone on, the desire to save a buck or a few hours have given way to a movement of folks that want something cheaper, perfect, and now. Some companies have replaced good customer service and pride to prostituting themselves and pandering to the whim of everyone. Technically opening the safe to anyone who dares complain about the process or the product in question. Pride in one’s work was no longer allowed because the customer “is always right”.

That particular phrase needs to be put away with other phrases that aren’t used in context today.

The thing that we need to come to terms with is that this process has swung too far to the pandering side and society needs to be reeducated to realize that they aren’t always right and it’s okay for you to take pride in what you do.

The Delicate Balance

There is a balance that needs to be achieved, but it’s going to require persistence and patience on our part as managers, owners, and employees because it isn’t going to be the path of least resistance to accomplish this. It’s going to take a bit of give and take on both sides of the desk or counter to achieve this. If you are a consumer or client you are going to need to realize that you aren’t always right and if you are using this professional across from you its because he can do what you want better than you can at the time. If you are the company owner, you need to realize that just because a person leaves a bad review on TripAdvisor, it doesn’t mean that person was necessarily wronged. They may simply be using the anonymity of the Internet to embrace their inner gladiator. You might say, their “Sparticus” moment. You honestly don’t need to make every person happy and open your safe for them. Some people are just wrong. This whole process creates frustration on both sides and can make both sides want to pull their hair out.

Turning It Around

To get to this “Sweet Spot” several steps may need to be taken with your organization. Training may be required for management, as well as staff. As a business owner, it may be a process of adopting a new goal structure to get to that point. Perhaps you need someone to look at the business model and see where the little tweaks need to happen. it may be quite simple depending on what you have in place now.

I am interested in finding out your thoughts on all this. Whether you are a consumer or a business owner. I do have a comment section and it would be awesome if you’d take an opportunity to share some thoughts. In addition, if you catch this on Facebook or LinkedIn, or Twitter please feel free to comment there as well. Please feel free to share this if it is interesting to you.

Finding that balance is something I believe is a concept that we could all use in life, but in this case, especially the way we do business. Helping people is a passion and I would love to be involved with your change in whatever capacity that may hold. Service With a Style is Proud to help your business put its best foot forward. I look forward to hearing from you.

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